Crypt-o - Network Password ManagerCrypt-o is a multi-user password manager that will help you to organize and store securely any kind of valuable information, such as logins, passwords, customers or employees lists, access codes, credit card numbers, PIN codes, files, etc.

Crypt-o is a secure Client/Server solution for creating custom databases, which is designed for use in enterprise networks. The data is reliably stored in a Firebird SQL Server database and is encrypted using the AES encryption algorithm with a 256-bit key. Crypt-o client applications access the Crypt-o Server using a secure TLS connection. Crypt-o is a self-hosted password manager and does not require any subscription or maintenance fees. Your data is under your complete control!

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If needed, Crypt-o Server can be connected from any location over the Internet, LAN or a WAN link.

A flexible system of user account permissions allows you to control user access to the whole program, databases, folders or even individual records. Crypt-o can authenticate user accounts in a Windows AD domain or using any LDAP server.

Every user action is logged to the Audit log. Privileged users can keep an eye on the program's usage.

Crypt-o can autofill web pages, registration forms, logon windows, etc. This feature is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and the majority of usual Windows applications.

Despite the fact that Crypt-o is a Client/Server application, it is possible to create a portable version of the program. The portable version can be run directly from a removable device, such a USB flash drive. This feature allows you to access your data on any offline computer.

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Crypt-o features:

Exceptionally high security level

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  • Client/Server architecture with TLS encryption of network traffic;
  • additional protection against man-in-the-middle hacker attacks;
  • data is encrypted using AES encryption algorithm with 256-bit key;
  • all user actions are logged to the Audit log;
  • user permissions are validated by Crypt-o Server during every client request;
  • automatic disconnection of inactive client connections;
  • no unencrypted temporary files ever created;
  • memory blocks are cleared when no longer needed;
  • built-in password generator;

Multi-user environment support

Secure custom data storage

  • data is reliably stored in an encrypted database, which is handled by Firebird SQL Server Embedded;
  • database and folder fields can be fully customized. It is possible to add/modify/remove fields for individual folder or entire database;
  • files can be attached to database records;
  • export and import to/from CSV and TXT files;
  • printing and ability to create custom print templates;
  • backup servers to improve data availability;
  • API to access data via scripting;

Portable mode

  • a portable version of Crypt-o can be installed to a removable device such as a USB flash drive and used to access databases when offline;
  • it is possible to make changes to a portable database when offline. Then the changes can be synchronized to the main database;
  • portable versions can be configured to expire in a specified number of days;

Other features

  • autofill & form filler functionality. Currently it works in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer and most of ordinary Windows applications;
  • backup and restoring of databases;
  • multilingual user interface (see available languages);
  • program can be minimized or closed to the system tray;
  • handy and easy adjustable user interface;
  • the program can be installed on any computer running the following operating systems: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012/R2, 2008/R2, 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows are supported.