Quite often, team members use shared service accounts with the TOTP Multi-Factor Authentication enabled. This requires each team member to have a TOTP code generator at hand. It is very frustrating to set up the same personal TOTP code generator for everyone on the team using regular TOTP generator applications like Google Authenticator.

Crypt-o is a powerful database builderOur product Crypt-o allows you to create TOTP code generators and easily share them with your team.

TOTP codes are generated on Crypt-o Server and can be accessed by multiple users at the same time using the Crypt-o Client application or the Web interface.

Crypt-o is a password manager application that provides you with secure encrypted databases to store OTP secret keys and other sensitive data.

OTP code generator
Key features of Crypt-o:
  • Shared TOTP code generators
  • AES encrypted custom databases
  • Multi-user access to the data
  • Any kind of data can be securely stored
  • AD authentication
  • Web interface
  • Offline mode
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