Crypt-o cloud storageSooner or later, in any company, the question arises of how to provide access to the company data for employees who are at home, in a remote office or on the road. The first thing that comes to mind is using cloud storage services such as Google Docs or Microsoft 365. These services are familiar and have already entered our ordinary life. Their basic use is even free.

But can you entrust the storage of the company sensitive data to a remote server that is out of your control?

alertIt's no secret that corporations providing cloud storage services scan the contents of your documents and files for keywords and other data, which are then used to display ads and generate statistics. There is always the risk of accidental data leakage.

alertIt is not uncommon for documents located in the cloud to be indexed by Google or other search engines and appear in search results for everyone.

alertAlso when you use a service that is used by millions of others, you can become an unwitting victim of a hack, which was originally aimed at other users of the service.

Thus, it is safest to set up your own cloud storage service, where the data is stored on your on-premises server.

Crypt-o is a secure cloud storage solutionCrypt-o is a secure on-premises cloud storage solution

Our Crypt-o product is a ready-to-use solution to create secure on-premises cloud storage.

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Install Crypt-o Server on any suitable Windows computer

Rest assured that your data is always under your control. Crypt-o encrypts your data using the AES encryption with a 256-bit key.

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Create customized databases for data storage

Inside a Crypt-o database you can create folders, records with custom data fields and file attachments. So you can easily store virtually any kind of data.

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Access data using the Crypt-o client application or the Web client

Also Crypt-o has many more advanced features: user privileges, audit logs, password management, portable / offline mode, multi-factor authentication, etc.

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