Crypt-o documentation - Exporting data

Exporting data

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Crypt-o can export data to files of the following formats:


Text file with delimiters;
.csv file (can be opened by Excel);
Rich text file (RTF);
Excel file (Excel2003 or later);
HTML file.


NOTE: Only records with the Print and Export permission, granted for your user account, will be exported.

To export data to a file select Database > Export... from the menu. The export window will appear. Specify the target file and its type, export options and press OK to start the export.

The Export window

The Export window

The following export options are available:




Export current folder only

If selected, only data from the currently selected folder will be exported.

Include nested folders

If selected, all nested folders of the currently selected folder will be also exported.

Selected records only

If selected, currently selected records will be exported only.

Fields structure

Displays which fields will be exported for every folder with different fields structure. To setup fields press the Setup... button.


To specify advanced export options for a chosen file format press the Export options... button.

Export options for text and .csv files

Export options for text and .csv files

The following advanced export options are available for text and .csv file formats:




Fields delimiter

One or more character(s) are used to separate fields data.

Export folder names

If selected, the folder names will be exported.

Export field names

If selected, the field names will be exported.