Crypt-o documentation - Restoring data from a backup file

Restoring data from a backup file

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Only users with the System administrator privilege can restore data from a backup file. To do the restore, choose Tools > Administrative tools from the menu. Then click on the Restore... link in the Administrative tools panel. The restore data window will appear. Specify a backup file name on the Crypt-o Server computer and press OK to start the restore.

The Restore data window

The Restore data window

Restoring data using the command line

This method should be used, if it is not possible to log on to the Crypt-o and perform the restore using the GUI method, described above.


Stop the Crypt-o Server service.
Open the command prompt as an Administrator on the server computer and execute the following command:
"C:\Program Files\Crypt-o\server.exe" -a -restore:"<backup_file_name>"
       * Change the path to the server.exe file according to your installation.
       * Replace the <backup_file_name> parameter by a full path to an actual backup file.
Start the Crypt-o Server service to start using the restored database.