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Backup Servers

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To improve availability of Crypt-o Server, it is possible to set up additional backup servers. They will synchronize all data with the primary server on a specified schedule (by default once per day). When the primary server becomes unavailable, Crypt-o Clients will connect to backup servers automatically.

NOTE: Backup servers do not allow data modifications and are used in emergency cases only.

Setting up a backup server

First, you need to create a new user account for a backup server on the main server. To do that, go to the User management window and choose Action > New backup server account... from the menu. The single user account can be used by several backup servers. Make sure that the Allow transfer of server private data is turned on for the user account prior to installing a new backup server.


Then run the Crypt-o Setup package on a computer, where the backup server will be running.


On the Select Components page choose Full installation.


On the Crypt-o Server role page choose the Backup server as a role for this instance of Crypt-o Server.


On the Data path page choose a location where Crypt-o data files will be stored.

NOTE: This location is private to this server and must not be available from a network.


On the Configuration of backup Crypt-o Server page specify a computer name or IP address, where the primary Crypt-o Server is running, provide the TCP port and the TLS fingerprint of the primary Crypt-o Server. Also specify a user name and password of the specialized user account to be used to connect to the primary Crypt-o Server.


Complete the installation. The backup server will be installed and initialized.


To view status of backup servers open the Crypt-o system options on the Backup servers page.