Crypt-o cloud storageSooner or later, in any company, the question arises of how to provide access to the company data for employees who are at home, in a remote office or on the road. The first thing that comes to mind is using cloud storage services such as Google Docs or Microsoft 365. These services are familiar and have already entered our ordinary life. Their basic use is even free.

But can you entrust the storage of the company sensitive data to a remote server that is out of your control?

Custom databaseEvery company creates a lot of data, and they have a growing need to store it and be able to access it fast. Business decision making and success relies heavily on managing data effectively. Initially, many companies store information in a range of document formats – Excel spreadsheets or simple Plain Text files, however they quickly run into a problem when different employees need to work on the same document. Additional complications also arise in terms of data protection and security – so what is the solution?