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Crypt-o 3.3

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Crypt-o 3.3 is a minor release. If you own licenses for Crypt-o 3.x you can upgrade to this version free of charge.

Users who own Crypt-o 1.x or 2.x licenses are eligible for upgrade to version 3.x at 50% discount.

What's new in Crypt-o 3.3

Crypt-o can be configured to perform the automatic log on of the current Windows user in Crypt-o Client application and Web interface. See the Allow automatic log on as current Windows user in option on the Security page in Crypt-o system options.
Added the new OU user manager system permission. A user with this permission can manage user accounts only within the user's organizational unit (OU), including nested organizational units. The OU user manager can can add, modify, delete user accounts within his OU, add OU users to OU groups. But individual permissions for OU groups can be set only by other users with higher privileges (User management or System administrator).
Implemented the XML export and import of all data in a database. Now you can easily export a whole database to a single ZIP archive file which will contain a data XML file (records, folders, permissions, form filling information), images and file attachments. Such ZIP archive can be imported by Crypt-o in order to re-create the whole database.
Added the Member of tab in the group properties window.
Added an option to to request password change, disable, enable multiple user accounts at once.
Added an option to extract all file attachments contained in a folder and its child folders.
Added an option to view, block, unblock IP addresses in the Connections window.
Display of progress information when a database integrity check or rebuilding is performed.
Display of a database ID in the database properties window.
Display of a progress bar during export.
When exporting or printing, display a warning if some data can't be processed due to lack of permissions.
Improved drag-n-drop of user accounts in User management.
In the "IP address has been blocked" warning message include a user account name which has caused the blocking.
Allow administrators to delete databases which are in the error state.
Fixed the buttons layout of the file list in the Web interface.
Fixed inability to turn off the "Remember the last logged-on user name" option in the Web interface.
Fixed the default LDAP port.
Fixed display of the wait mouse cursor.
Fixed the default OU when adding a user account.
Fixed resizing of the record properties window.
Fixed the upgrade of database structure in some cases.

Important changes

Starting from Crypt-o 3.3.386, legacy TLS protocols (v1 and v1.1) are disabled by default for Crypt-o Web interface.


Crypt-o Server 3.3 can accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of versions 2.5 - 3.3. It means you can upgrade Crypt-o Server to version 3.3 and existing Crypt-o 2.5 - 3.2 Clients will still work with the new Server. Then gradually upgrade all Clients to version 3.3.


See the Upgrade topic for details about upgrading.