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Crypt-o 3.2

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Crypt-o 3.2 is a minor release. If you own licenses for Crypt-o 3.x you can upgrade to this version free of charge.

Users who own Crypt-o 1.x or 2.x licenses are eligible for upgrade to version 3.x at 50% discount.

What's new in Crypt-o 3.2

Object notifications

You can configure notifications about the following events related to records and folders: Active reminders, View protected field, Insert/Modify/Delete nested item, Modify permissions.
The object notifications window

The object notifications window

Improved search

Using Advanced search you can construct and perform complex search queries.
In search results it is possible to edit and delete records, copy fields to the clipboard.
Print and export of search results.
Display a full path of a parent folder in search results.
Clickable URLs in search results.
The Advanced search window

The Advanced search window

Other improvements

Added support for the new Microsoft Edge browser.
Added the Email column to the users list.
The "Log important events to the Windows Event Log" system option. It is enabled by default.
Additionally log the "Portable mode" event to the System audit log.
Also cleanup the server.log file when cleanup of the System Audit log is requested.
When the "Secure copy to the clipboard" option is not enabled, remove the copied data from the clipboard after 60 seconds.
Improved processing speed of the server.log file.
Monitor execution of background tasks on the server. A notification is sent when some task is running more than 3 hours.
Improved database encryption to provide better security and speed.
Reduced size of backup files and portable databases.
Reduced database locking time during backup.
Fixed a bug which caused the server to stop responding in some cases.
Throw an error when a TCP port of the Server/Web interface is already in use.


Crypt-o Server 3.2 can accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of versions 2.5 - 3.2. It means you can upgrade Crypt-o Server to version 3.2 and existing Crypt-o 2.5 - 3.1 Clients will still work with the new Server. Then gradually upgrade all Clients to version 3.2.


See the Upgrade topic for details about upgrading.