Crypt-o documentation - Repairing databases

Repairing databases

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Crypt-o databases can be corrupted due to many factors such as power failure, OS failure, hardware failure, etc. Not always there is a fresh backup copy to fix the database corruption by restoring the backup.

Crypt-o has a built-in function to perform the database integrity check and repair. Though it may not work for severe database corruptions.


If you are able to log on to Crypt-o you can rebuild a database to ensure it contain no errors. To perform the rebuild, select a database and click Database - Rebuild... in the menu.


If it is not possible to log on to Crypt-o, you need access to the computer where Crypt-o Server is running.

To perform the database check and repair do the following on the server computer:


Stop the Crypt-o Server service.
Open the command prompt as an Administrator on the server computer and execute the following command:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Crypt-o\server.exe" -a -checkdb"
       * Change the path to the server.exe file according to your installation.
You will see a message that the database check will be performed at the server start.
Start the Crypt-o Server service.


After that, when you log on to Crypt-o and access databases they will be checked for errors. If there are errors, the repair will be performed.

NOTE: You can omit the database integrity check and force the database repair by specifying the -checkdb:repair command line switch instead of the -checkdb switch.