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Email notifications

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You can enable notifications by email about various events in Crypt-o.


Configuration of email notifications

Configuration of email notifications


Enable notifications by email - to start receiving notifications by email select this option.


Outgoing email server - parameters of an SMTP email server to be used to send notifications.
Host - a host name or IP address where the email server is running;
Port - a TCP port of the server;
Encryption - encryption mode of connections to the server;
User name and Password - optional credentials to perform authentication on the server.


Notify about important events - this section specifies recipients for important events (errors and warnings) which occurs while Crypt-o Server is running.

       Send notifications to these addresses - the colon-delimited list of email addresses which will receive notifications. At least one address is required.

       Notify members of the following group - optionally specify a group which members will receive notifications if Email is specified for a member user account.


Press Send test notification to send a notification to the specified recipients to ensure the parameters are correct.


NOTE: You can enable additional object notifications related to records and folders.