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Crypt-o 3.1

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Crypt-o 3.1 is a minor release. If you have a license for Crypt-o 3.x you can upgrade to this version free of charge.


Users who already own a Crypt-o 1.x or 2.x license are eligible for upgrade to version 3.x at 50% discount. To purchase an upgrade run the client application of Crypt-o 3.1, log on, select the Help - About... menu and follow the upgrade link in the About window.

What's new in Crypt-o 3.1

- new: Email notifications about important events.

- new: Button to start a scheduled task right now.

- new: Information about scheduled tasks: last run time, current status.

- new: The System audit log includes messages from the log file of Crypt-o Server.

- new: Option to rebuild a database.

- new: Option to generate a password in the add user window.

- new: Email field for a user account.

- updated: Maintenance of databases is moved to a separate scheduled task.

- updated: Save column widths of the audit log list.

- updated: Vertical scroll bar in the edit record window when input fields do not fit the screen height.

- updated: Accept only TLS 1.2 connections from Crypt-o clients by Crypt-o Server.

- updated: Disabled TLS 1.0 for the Web interface.



Crypt-o Server 3.1 can accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of versions 2.5 - 3.1. It means you can upgrade Crypt-o Server to version 3.1 and existing Crypt-o 2.5 - 3.0 Clients will still work with the new Server. Then gradually upgrade all Clients to version 3.1.


See the Upgrade topic for details about upgrading.