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Crypt-o 3.0

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Crypt-o 3.0 is a major release. This means existing licenses of Crypt-o need to be upgraded for use with Crypt-o 3.x.

If you already own a Crypt-o license and upgrade your existing installation of Crypt-o to version 3.0, you will get a 30 day trial of Crypt-o 3.0 with unrestricted functionality. Also you may wish to install Crypt-o 3.0 on a test server to evaluate the new version. You can register Crypt-o using your existing  registration to get full 30 day trial.


Users who already own a Crypt-o license are eligible for upgrade to version 3.x at 50% discount. To purchase an upgrade run the client application of Crypt-o 3.0, log on, select the Help - About... menu and follow the upgrade link in the About window.

Highlights of Crypt-o 3.0

Web interface

The Web interface has been reworked completely. It is essentially a cross-platform Web application now.

New functions:

Records and folders can be copied and moved.
Files can be attached to records.

Multi-factor authentication

Crypt-o now supports Multi-factor authentication for user accounts.

The following MFA types are supported:

TOTP - Time-based One-Time Password algorithm;
HOTP - HMAC-based One-Time Password algorithm;
Duo Security.


The object permissions system has been vastly improved.

You can switch object permissions to the Advanced model. It allows permissions to be separately applied to: This folder only, Child folders, Child records.
Object permissions can be adjusted without turning off inheritance.
Object owners can select a user account to view its effective permissions for the object.
New system permissions: User management and Access via API.
It is prohibited to set Deny for the "Administrator" and "Database Owner" permissions. It will eliminate accidental loss of access to whole Crypt-o or individual databases.

Group accounts

There are also improvements to group accounts.


New account type Organizational unit can be used to arrange user accounts as a tree.
Group accounts can be added to other groups as members.

Crypt-o API

It is possible to use Crypt-o COM API to access and manipulate Crypt-o data via scripting.

Crypt-o COM API is language independent. Use your preferred scripting language and engine (JavaScript, PowerShell, VBScript, etc) to access the API.

Other improvements

Option to search for folders.
Option to turn off display of reminders at log on.
PNG images can be used as custom icons.
Changed global hot keys for form filling/saving, password generation and activation of Crypt-o. Old hot keys interfere with Windows 10 system hot keys.
Crypt-o Server 3.0 can also accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of version 2.5.x.


Crypt-o 3.0 makes upgrades of an existing Crypt-o 2.5 installation easier than before. Crypt-o Server 3.0 can accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of version 2.5.x. It means you can upgrade Crypt-o Server to version 3.0 and existing Crypt-o 2.5 Clients will still work with the new Server. Then gradually upgrade all Clients to version 3.0.


See the Upgrade topic for details about upgrading.