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Working with data

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The Crypt-o main window is divided by two parts. Databases and folders tree is displayed in the left part of the main window. A records list of the currently selected folder is displayed in the right part of the main window.

To create a new folder click on the New folder button on the toolbar or choose Edit > New folder from the menu.

To edit a folder name, select the folder and press F2 key.

To edit folder properties, select the folder and choose Edit > Properties... from the menu.

To delete a folder, select it and press Del key or click on Delete button on the toolbar.

You can revert the last modifications by using the Undo function. To undo press Ctrl+Z keys or choose Edit > Undo in the menu.

NOTE: You can use "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" keys to recursively expand and collapse sub-folders of the currently selected folder.


The main window

The main window