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You can add a shortcut for frequently used records or folders to the Favorites menu for further quick access.

NOTE: You can also create shortcut records in the database.


To add a currently selected record or folder to Favorites, select Favorites - Add to Favorites... in the menu.


The Add Favorite window

The Add Favorite window


Specify the entry's name and optional Category and press OK.


To edit or delete a Favorite entry you need to navigate to it first. Then select Favorites - Edit Favorite... in the menu.


The Edit Favorite window

The Edit Favorite window


Press the Delete button to delete the entry.


If a category is already assigned for the entry, you can perform the following operations in the Category field:

choose other existing category from the list;
add a new category by pressing the Add category tool button and entering a new category name;
rename the current category by typing a new category name.


Press OK to finish editing.