Free Password Manager documentation - Viewing Action log

Viewing Action log

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Free Password Manager can log the following data changes:



See Parameters page in database properties for information how to enable data changes and user action logging.


To view the actions log, use the menu items View > Action log... and View > Full action log... The Action log... item is designed for viewing actions log for a currently selected record or folder. The Full action log... item is designed for viewing the complete actions log for the entire database.


To view actions log, select View > Full action log... on the menu. In the window that appears, you can specify filter parameters for the action viewer:


Date from - display actions beginning with this date;
Date to - display actions ending by this date;
User - display actions for this user;
Action - display actions of this type;
Computer - display actions for this computer.



Once the necessary filter parameters are set, click OK. The window that appears will display the actions log. The following commands are applicable to actions log:


Print - print selected actions;
Print preview - preview selected actions;
Filter - edit filter parameters for the actions viewer;
Delete changes - delete actions currently being displayed.