Free Password Manager documentation - Command line parameters

Command line parameters

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The following command line parameters can be used with Free Password Manager:




/Add:"<fields data>"

Adds new record to passwords database.

<fields data> describes data to be added in the following format:


field_name is a name of database's field. The following field names can be used:

Title, User, Account, URL, Password, Description, Expires.


Name of a database or name of database file.


Password for the database, specified by DbName parameter. If password is not specified it will be prompted.


Name of folder inside the database, specified by DbName parameter. If folder is not specified, the root folder will be used.


Allows to review or edit data before adding new record.


Do not display any information messages.


Synchronize the database, specified by DbName parameter.


Path to a folder with remote database for synchronization.


Name of remote database for synchronization, located in RemotePath folder. If this parameter is omitted, remote database name will be the same as specified by DbName parameter.


File name of remote database. RemotePath is ignored.


2-way synchronization of databases. Remote changes are applied to local database and local changes are applied to remote database. Without this option remote database is not modified.



PwdManager.exe /add:"Title=My FTP password, User=jonh, Password=12345678, Expires=12/01/2010" /DbName="My Passwords"

This command will add new record to database My Passwords and will prompt you for its password if needed. An information message will be displayed at end.

PwdManager.exe /add:"Title=My FTP password, User=jonh, Password=12345678" /DbName="My Passwords" /DbPassword=mypassword /DBFolder=Web /silent

This command will add new record to database My Passwords to folder Web. The mypassword password will be used to open the database. No information messages will be displayed.

PwdManager.exe /sync /dbname="My Passwords" /remotepath="\\server\dbs" /twowaysync

This command will synchronize local database My Passwords with server copy, located in folder \\server\dbs.