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Crypt-o Client options - Offline access

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This page lists options to control offline access to databases.

When offline access is enabled, Crypt-o Client automatically switches to the offline mode when a connection to the main server is not possible. You can work with your databases while offline and make changes to the data if needed. Next time you log on to Crypt-o and the connection to the main server is available again, all your changes made in the offline mode will be synchronized with the main server automatically. To force update of the offline data, choose Tools > Update offline data in the main menu or simply press Ctrl+F9.


Enable offline access for the following databases - enable this option to allow offline access to the selected databases.
Make databases read only when offline - when this option is enabled, databases will be read only when accessed offline.
Automatically synchronize databases - when this option is enabled, the offline databases will be automatically updated with the up to date data from the server. The synchronization is performed in the background. An icon in the status bar is displayed during synchronization.


NOTE: You can also create a portable version of Crypt-o at a USB flash drive.


Offline access options

Offline access options


Limitations of the offline mode

Printing is disabled by default. Use the Allow printing in portable version option in the Crypt-o System options to enable it if needed.
Fields customization is not possible.
Creation of new databases is not possible.