Crypt-o documentation - Crypt-o Client command line parameters

Crypt-o Client command line parameters

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The following command line parameters can be used with Crypt-o Client:





A user name to be used for automatic log on.


A password for the user, specified by the user parameter. If the password is not specified, you will be prompted to type it.

WARNING: It is very dangerous to specify passwords in a command line. Use this parameter at your own risk!


A full path to a folder to be automatically selected. The path should be in the following format: database_name\folder1\folder2


Start the client application minimized to the system tray.



client.exe /user:"John Smith" /folder:"My database\Finance\Staff"

Crypt-o Client will ask a password for user John Smith. The "Finance\Staff" folder in database "My database" will be activated after successful logon.