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Crypt-o Client options - Appearance

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Tray icon always visible - if selected, the Crypt-o icon will be always shown in the system tray.
Minimize application to the system tray - this option allows to minimize the application to the system tray. Crypt-o button will not be shown in the system taskbar when the program will be minimized.
Close application to the system tray - when this option is selected, the application will be minimized to the system tray when you press the close button. To quit the application you need to choose Database > Exit from the main menu or choose Exit from the program's tray icon menu.
Simplify user interface appearance - when this option is selected a simple startup screen will be shown. It is useful to simplify the startup screen when working in a terminal session.
Alternate colors of rows in grid - when this option is selected, even and odd rows in the records list will be drawn using slightly different background colors.
Appearance options

Appearance options