Crypt-o documentation - Acknowledgements


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We wish to thank the following people for their help in developing Crypt-o:


David Barton for DCPCrypt library;

Firebird development team for Firebird SQL Server;

OpenSSL Software Foundation for OpenSSL lbrary;

Jordan Russell for Inno Setup;

Lukas Gebauer for Synapse library.


Enetic IT Department for the Spanish translation;

Julien Després for the French translation;

Oliver Hirsch for the German translation;

Gašper Čas – Geniusnet d.o.o. for the Slovenian translation;

ICT Teamwork for the Dutch translation;

Enrico Francot for the Italian translation;

Nikola Smiljakovic for the Serbian translation;

Michael Jørgensen for the Danish translation;

Patrick Kvaksrud for the Norwegian translation;

Evgenii Frolov for the Greek translation;

Kristaps Lācis for the Latvian translation.