Geschichte der Änderungen in Crypt-o

Version 3.4.429
- fixed: The 'desktopicon' task in the TASKS command line parameter of the setup program.
- fixed: Error handling when installing a backup server.

Version 3.4.428
- fixed: Errors when trying to change a user password if the password history restriction is active.

Version 3.4.427
- fixed: Server is locked when trying to add a new user account.

Version 3.4.423
- fixed: The "List index out of bounds" error in some cases when using Ctrl+1..9 hot-keys.

Version 3.4.422
- fixed: Reminder notifications are not sent in some cases.

Version 3.4.421
- fixed: Inability to install integration with Edge.

Version 3.4.420
- fixed: Firefox integration error.

Version 3.4.419
- fixed: The "Access violation" error during update of portable data in some cases.

Version 3.4.418
- fixed: Prevented self-nesting of groups.

Version 3.4.417
- fixed: Errors when trying to set a user password if the password history restriction is active.

Version 3.4.416
- updated: Handle password changes of AD users when the automatic log on option is used.

Version 3.4.415
- new: Option to specify a sender address for email notifications.

Version 3.4.414
- fixed: Client session termination while creating a portable database in some cases.

Version 3.4.413
- updated: Reset failed log on counters for an IP address after 1 hour of inactivity.

Version 3.4.412
- fixed: Field sub-types URL, Dictionary, OTP were incorrectly processed in portable databases.

Version 3.4.411
- fixed: Import of images from Password Manager XP database.

Version 3.4.410
- fixed: An error during import from Password Manager XP database in some cases.

Version 3.4.409
- fixed: The "Access violation" error during import in some cases.

Version 3.4.407
- fixed: The "Access violation" error during DUO multi-factor authentication in some cases.

Version 3.4.406
- fixed: Incorrect handling of protected fields when copying/moving records.

Version 3.4.405
- fixed: Fixed resetting values of data fields of types "Predefined values" and "Checkbox" in the Web interface.

Version 3.4.404
- updated: Increased the limit for the number of databases.

Version 3.4.403
- fixed: In some cases "View blocked IP addresses" is not active.

Version 3.4.402
- fixed: Error when creating a portable/offline version if the passwords history option is enabled.

Version 3.4.401
- fixed: Error while configuring an OTP generator for a time interval other than 30 seconds.

Version 3.4.400
- fixed: When multiple records are selected, apply only modified permissions.
- fixed: An error while adding or removing database access for multiple users.

Version 3.4.399
- fixed: "Access - Deny" permission reset when turning off inheritance.
- fixed: Error when invoking Locate in the Audit log.

Version 3.4.398
- new: Latvian translation.

Version 3.4.396
- new: Support for ECDSA certificates for the Web interface.
- updated: Force ECDHE and DHE for TLS on Crypt-o Server.

Version 3.4.395
- new: Option to set an expiration date for passwords of user accounts.
- new: Option to prevent usage of previous password for user accounts.
- new: The Favorites menu in the Crypt-o client.
- new: Option to create shortcut records which point to other records or folders.
- new: The Back and Forward navigation buttons.
- new: Field option "OTP generator", which allows you to store and use TOTP code generators for use in other services.
- updated: It is possible to paste Crypt-o file attachments in an external application.

Version 3.3.390
- fixed: Folder owners were not able to edit the folder notifications.

Version 3.3.389
- fixed: Inability to enter a password in the Web interface on iOS devices.

Version 3.3.387
- updated: Include the client's version number for the logon/logoff events in the System Audit log.
- fixed: Search by a text in the object title in the Audit log did not work in some cases.

Version 3.3.386
- new: The "Allow legacy versions of TLS protocol" option for the Web interface. It is disabled by default.

Version 3.3.385
- fixed: Display of virtual keyboard for protected fields in the Web interface on mobile phones.
- fixed: Notifications about user actions.

Version 3.3.383
- fixed: Clearing of unused memory blocks not worked.

Version 3.3.382
- fixed: More measures to prevent form filling in the Web interface.

Version 3.3.380
- new: Option to request password change, disable, enable multiple user accounts at once.
- new: Greek translation by Evgenii Frolov.
- updated: Do not ask administrator permissions when the Crypt-o Client language is changed.
- fixed: The "Security context data too big" error during automatic log on in some cases.

Version 3.3.377
- fixed: Export of search results.

Version 3.3.376
- fixed: In some cases corruption of a text stored in a data field if the text's size is larger than 2000 and national characters are used.
- fixed: Import of big text fields.
- updated: Display a warning if a text is truncated during import.

Version 3.3.375
- fixed: The delete button is grayed out for a database in the error state.
- fixed: The upgrade of database structure from version 3.0 or earlier in some cases.
- fixed: Handling of very big text in protected fields.
- fixed: The "(Memo)" text instead of actual data in the export results.

Version 3.3.374
- new: An option to automatically log on the current Windows user.
- new: The "OU user manager" system privilege.
- new: Added the "Member of" tab in the group properties window.
- new: The XML export and import of all data in a database.
- new: An option to export file attachments.
- new: An option to extract all file attachments contained in a folder and its child folders.
- new: An option to view, block, unblock IP addresses in the Connections window.
- updated: Display progress information when a database integrity check or rebuilding is performed.
- updated: Display a database ID in the database properties window.
- updated: Display a progress bar during export.
- updated: When exporting or printing, display a warning if some data can't be processed due to lack of permissions.
- updated: Improved drag-n-drop of user accounts in User management.
- updated: In the "IP address has been blocked" warning message include a user account name which has caused the blocking.
- updated: Allow administrators to delete databases which are in the error state.
- fixed: The buttons layout of the file list in the Web interface.
- fixed: Unable to turn off the "Remember the last logged-on user name" option in the Web interface.
- fixed: The default LDAP port.
- fixed: Display of the wait mouse cursor.
- fixed: The default OU when adding a user account.
- fixed: Resizing of the record properties window.
- fixed: The upgrade of database structure in some cases.
- fixed: Various minor bugs.

Version 3.2.358
- fixed: Error when creating portable/offline databases if the key file authentication is used.
- fixed: Error when creating new user accounts with the key file authentication.

Version 3.2.357
- updated: Show the progress window when executing the "Clean up Audit log" command.
- fixed: Database repair and rebuilding.

Version 3.2.356
- updated: Improved database repair.

Version 3.2.354
- fixed: Form filling settings.
- fixed: Handling of AD accounts with special chars.

Version 3.2.353
- fixed: The "Invalid action: 3" error when turning off inheritance of permissions in some cases.

Version 3.2.352
- fixed: Some client-only errors appear in the server log.

Version 3.2.351
- fixed: Random "System Error. Code: 5" errors when a screen saver is active.

Version 3.2.350
- fixed: In some cases Crypt-o Server stops responding after killing a session which has stopped responding.

Version 3.2.349
- fixed: The "attempt to store duplicate value" error when changing an AD account name for an existing account in some cases.

Version 3.2.346
- updated: Update license information on backup servers if it is changed on the primary server.
- fixed: Deadlock during synchronization with a backup server via a slow link.

Version 3.2.345
- fixed: MFA for Windows user accounts in a portable mode.
- fixed: The "Field 'modified_by' is read only." error when synchronizing or undoing changes.

Version 3.2.344
- fixed: Update of offline data when MFA is used.

Version 3.2.343
- fixed: Error while extracting file attachments, introduced in the previous version.

Version 3.2.342
- fixed: Handling of a backup server synchronization via a slow network link.

Version 3.2.341
- updated: Accept PEM certificates and keys in UTF-8 and UTF-16 formats.
- fixed: Race conditions during database upgrade.

Version 3.2.340
- fixed: The "Trying to lock database A while database B is already locked." error after creating a read only portable database.

Version 3.2.338
- fixed: The "Field 'user_name' not found" error when viewing effective permissions.

Version 3.2.337
- new: Support for the new Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium based).

Version 3.2.336
- updated: Improved stability of background backup operations.
- updated: On a client show the wait cursor only when an operation takes more than 200ms.

Version 3.2.335
- fixed: The "Invalid key size" error after upgrade of a backup server.

Version 3.2.334
- fixed: Unable to log on as an AD/LDAP user when the first such user account has been added.

Version 3.2.333
- new: Added the "Field names in the first line" import option.
- fixed: Import from text/csv files.

Version 3.2.332
- updated: Enabled mouse wheel scrolling in the edit record window.
- fixed: Date fields are automatically set to the current date when you open the edit record window and a vertical scroll bar is visible.

Version 3.2.331
- new: Monitor execution of background tasks on the server. A notification is sent when some task is running more than 3 hours.
- updated: Improved database encryption to provide better security and speed.
- updated: Reduced size of backup files and portable databases.
- updated: Reduced database locking time during backup.
- fixed: The server stops responding in some cases.

Version 3.2.330
- new: An option to enable notifications by email for the following actions: Active reminders, View protected field, Insert/Modify/Delete nested item, Modify permissions.
- new: The Advanced search mode to create complex search queries.
- new: In search results it is possible to edit and delete records, copy fields to the clipboard.
- new: Print and export of search results.
- new: Added the Email column to the users list.
- new: The "Log important events to the Windows Event Log" system option. It is enabled by default.
- new: Additionally log the "Portable mode" event to the System audit log.
- new: Also cleanup the server.log file when cleanup of the System Audit log is requested.
- updated: Display a full path of a parent folder in search results.
- updated: Clickable URLs in search results.
- updated: When the "Secure copy to the clipboard" option is not enabled, remove the copied data from the clipboard after 60 seconds.
- updated: Improved processing speed of the server.log file.
- fixed: Throw an error when a TCP port of the Server/Web interface is already in use.

Version 3.1.326
- updated: Provide details about SMTP authentication failures.

Version 3.1.325
- updated: Support for Firefox 74+.

Version 3.1.324
- fixed: The "no permission for encryption access to database" error in some cases.
- fixed: The "List index out of bounds" error when adding a new task.

Version 3.1.323
- updated: Prevent conflicts with other fbembed.dll libraries.

Version 3.1.322
- new: Implemented cleanup of the System Audit log.

Version 3.1.319
- fixed: A GDI resources leak which caused "System Error. Code: 87." in the Web interface.
- fixed: Long delay when configuring browser integration in some cases.

Version 3.1.318
- updated: Log events of blocked user accounts and IPs as warnings so they are sent as email notifications.

Version 3.1.317
- new: "Text size" option.
- fixed: The "Cannot focus" error when applying email notification settings in some cases.

Version 3.1.316
- updated: If an SMTP user name is an email address, specify it as the sender for email notifications.

Version 3.1.315
- new: Email notifications about important events.
- new: Button to start a scheduled task right now.
- new: Information about scheduled tasks: last run time, current status.
- new: The System audit log includes messages from the server.log file of Crypt-o Server.
- new: Option to rebuild a database.
- new: Option to generate a password in the add user window.
- new: The Email field for a user account.
- updated: Maintenance of databases is moved to a separate scheduled task.
- updated: Save column widths of the audit log list.
- updated: Vertical scroll bar in the edit record window when input fields do not fit the screen height.
- updated: Crypt-o Server accepts only TLS 1.2 connections from Crypt-o clients.
- updated: Disabled TLS 1.0 for the Web interface.

Version 3.0.313
- fixed: The "Locate" menu item not visible in the search results.

Version 3.0.312
- fixed: It was possible to skip MFA when option "Prompt for MFA only once per" is enabled.

Version 3.0.311
- new: System option "Prompt for MFA only once per".

Version 3.0.310
- new: Block a client IP address for 6 hours after 20 failed logon attempts.
- new: Log failed logon attempts to server.log.

Version 3.0.308
- fixed: Creation of home databases.
- fixed: Display issues of the "Private user databases" section.

Version 3.0.306
- fixed: An error when deleting a field of the "Reminder" type.

Version 3.0.305
- updated: Improved password generator.
- fixed: The "TIME conversion error in param" error in some cases when creating portable/offline database.
- fixed: The "Violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint" error when creating portable/offline databases.

Version 3.0.303
- updated: Norwegian translation.
- updated: Accept Hex-encoded HOTP/TOTP secret keys.
- fixed: Not all AD groups have been found for an AD user account in some cases.

Version 3.0.301
- fixed: The "Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset" error during database upgrade in some cases.

Version 3.0.300
- updated: Improved clearing of unused memory blocks.
- updated: OpenSSL library.

Version 3.0.298
- updated: Encrypt contents of protected fields in addition to whole database encryption.
- updated: Improved clearing of unused memory blocks.
- updated: Improved speed of request of reminders.
- fixed: Creation of Windows accounts via API.

Version 3.0.297
- updated: Improved speed of database maintenance.
- updated: Automatically run database repair when an integrity error occurs.

Version 3.0.295
- new: Option to navigate to a specific folder or record by its path via URL query parameters.
- fixed: Properly handle command line parameters of the client application when it is already running.

Version 3.0.294
- updated: Spanish translation.

Version 3.0.293
- updated: While importing from a text file, automatically set a field type to "Multiline" if a multi-line text is found.
- fixed: Error while importing from a text file in some cases.

Version 3.0.292
- fixed: Web interface: Displaying of data with many columns.

Version 3.0.291
- fixed: Search and form filling when a database contains no child folders.

Version 3.0.290
- fixed: Empty database entries in search results when searching for folders.

Version 3.0.288
- fixed: Tabs scrolling in the Web interface.
- fixed: .png icons handling.
- fixed: The "attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index USER_SETTINGS_IDX" error after the upgrade in some cases.

Version 3.0.287
- updated: Danish translation.

Version 3.0.286
- new: Multi-factor authentication via TOTP, HOTP and Duo Security.
- new: Advanced model for object permissions.
- new: Object permissions can be adjusted without turning off inheritance.
- new: Object owners can select a user account to view its effective permissions for the object.
- new: System permissions "User management", "Access via API".
- new: Completely reworked Web interface.
- new: Web interface: Files can be attached to records.
- new: Web interface: Records and folders can be copied and moved.
- new: API to access Crypt-o databases via scripting.
- new: Nested groups.
- new: Organizational units to arrange user accounts as a tree.
- new: Option to search for folders.
- new: Option to turn off display of reminders at log on.
- new: PNG images can be used as custom icons.
- updated: It is prohibited to set Deny for the "Administrator" and "Database Owner" permissions.
- updated: Changed global hot keys for form filling/saving, password generation and activation of Crypt-o. Old hot keys interfere with Windows 10 system hot keys.
- updated: Many internal improvements.
- fixed: Various bugs.
- note: Crypt-o Server 3.0 can also accept connections from Crypt-o Clients of version 2.5.x.

Version 2.5.265
- updated: A backup server retries synchronization with the primary server when an error occurs.
- updated: Improved the Audit log query speed when the log is very big.
- fixed: Stability of the backup server synchronization.

Version 2.5.262
- fixed: Internal database repair procedure.

Version 2.5.261
- fixed: Export of the root folder of a database including nested folders.

Version 2.5.259
- fixed: Management of database connections.

Version 2.5.258
- fixed: Closing of unresponsive client connections.

Version 2.5.257
- fixed: Databases become unresponsive in some cases.

Version 2.5.256
- new: Norwegian translation by Patrick Kvaksrud.

Version 2.5.255
- fixed: Import of text files with long data fields.
- fixed: Form filling UI when several monitors with different DPI settings are used on Windows 10.

Version 2.5.253
- fixed: Backup and restore of database files larger than 2GB.
- fixed: The server becomes unresponsive after restore of a backup file.

Version 2.5.252
- fixed: The "No mapping between account names and security IDs was done" error during AD authentication is some cases.

Version 2.5.250
- fixed: Firefox 52+ integration.

Version 2.5.248
- new: Danish localization by Michael Jorgensen.
- fixed: Firefox 52+ integration.

Version 2.5.247
- updated: Improved stability of the Web interface.
- updated: Improved security of the Web interface.
- fixed: Copy to the clipboard in the Web interface when Flash is not available.

Version 2.5.245
- new: Support for Firefox 64-bit and Chrome 64-bit.
- new: Support for Firefox 52+.
- updated: Improved stability of the Web interface.
- updated: Generate SHA-256 certificates.

Version 2.5.243
- updated: Improved import from text and .csv files.

Version 2.5.242
- new: Option "Always accept remote connections" for backup servers.
- new: LDAP option "Nested groups".
- updated: Redirect Web interface to the logon page when the inactivity timeout has expired.
- updated: Improved speed of LDAP authentication.
- updated: Improved speed of Windows domain authentication.
- updated: Improved communication with backup servers.

Version 2.5.238
- updated: More informative error message when a portable version can not be used.
- updated: It is possible to pass command line parameters to the .msi setup package.

Version 2.5.235
- new: Date and time field.
- fixed: Error when using %DATETIME%, %DATE%, %TIME% macros for date fields.

Version 2.5.234
- fixed: Pasting from the clipboard to a protected field using Shift-Insert or a popup menu.

Version 2.5.233
- fixed: If a user password has been changed, ask for old password during synchronization.
- fixed: The "Invalid database ID" error when logging on to the Web interface using a new user account and a home database need to be created.
- fixed: Database structure corruption due to bugs that are already fixed.

Version 2.5.229
- new: Group Policy settings to confirm move operations.
- updated: Show the "Do not ask again" check box in the move confirmation window only if the program's options are not restricted by GPO.

Version 2.5.228
- fixed: The "*** is not a valid date and time" error during synchronization in some cases.

Version 2.5.227
- fixed: Prevent auto filling in the Web interface.

Version 2.5.226
- fixed: Form filling when input fields contain a hint text.

Version 2.5.225
- new: Database permission "Owner for new records".
- fixed: Creation of new folders by users having only the "Insert" permission.

Version 2.5.224
- updated: Force disconnection of web clients after 6 hours of inactivity.
- fixed: The "Web access" privilege was ignored.

Version 2.5.223
- new: System option "Home databases are private".
- updated: Check the "Print and export" permission while copying and moving records.
- fixed: The "Access violation error" when creating a new database if the database list is empty.

Version 2.5.221
- update: Use only AES encryption for TLS connections.

Version 2.5.220
- update; Crypt-o Firefox add-on is approved by Mozilla.

Version 2.5.219
- fixed: Error "Invalid floating point operation" during a database synchronization in some cases.

Version 2.5.216
- new: The following macros can be used in a field's default value: %DATETIME%, %DATE%, %TIME%.
- updated: Allow to set default value, description, hot key for the Title field.
- fixed: An expiration date is set for today instead of no expiration in the Edit record window.

Version 2.5.214
- new: Added the Serbian translation by Nikola Smiljakovic.
- new: Web interface: Implemented display and download of file attachments.
- new: Web interface: Option to remember the last logged-on user.
- new: You can use "Ctrl +" and "Ctrl -" keys to recursively expand and collapse sub-folders of the currently selected folder.
- updated: Allowed vertical resize of the Edit record window.
- updated: Save position of the Edit record window.
- updated: Activate and select a protected field after showing its contents.
- fixed: Activation via a desktop hotkey.
- fixed: A mouse double click does not collapse a folder.

Version 2.5.212
- new: The "Clean up Audit log" command.

Version 2.5.211
- fixed: Error while adding a user to a group.

Version 2.5.210
- new: It is possible to specify reserve Crypt-o Servers in connection parameters. Reserve servers are delimited by semicolon.
- fixed: In audit log filter show users, hosts, addresses of child objects also.
- fixed: The "Malformed string" error during filtering by a text in the audit log in some cases.

Version 2.5.209
- new: An option to print or export a current folder including nested folders.

Version 2.5.208
- fixed: Enumeration of LDAP groups if a user name contains special symbols.

Version 2.5.207
- fixed: Shading of IE11 windows during form filling.

Version 2.5.206
- updated: Increased length of the user name field from 100 to 250 characters to support long LDAP user names.

Version 2.5.205
- fixed: Unable to log on using a Windows account added in Crypt-o 2.1 or earlier.

Version 2.5.204
- update: Addressed the Poodle SSL vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566).
The OpenSSL library files is updated to version 1.0.1j.
The outdated SSLv3 protocol is completely disabled in the OpenSSL library used by Crypt-o.
Only the modern TLS protocol is supported now.

Version 2.5.203
- fixed: The "Table unknown TMP_IDS" error when viewing the audit log.

Version 2.5.202
- new: The "Abandoned databases" category for administrators.
- new: Option to view invalid user accounts.
- new: The "Create home database" option can be set for groups.
- new: When deleting a user account with a home database created, you have an option to delete the home database as well.
- fixed: The "Violation of FOREIGN KEY constraint" error when creating portable/offline databases.
- fixed: The "Access violation" error on double click at the empty user selection list.

Version 2.5.199
- new: Undo function.
- new: Revert function in the Audit log.
- new: Option to show actions for child objects when viewing the Audit log for a folder.
- new: The Audit log entries can be filtered by a text.
- new: Option to invoke the new Audit log view for an entry in the current Audit log view.
- update: A folder owner can always change permissions of child objects.

Version 2.4.196
- update: Improved handling of orphaned private databases.

Version 2.4.195
- fixed: Web interface stops responding in some cases.

Version 2.4.194
- updated: Support for Firefox 30.

Version 2.4.193
- fixed: Installation of Chrome integration in some cases.

Version 2.4.192
- updated: Rewrite of Chrome integration. It fixes constant requests to allow to run Crypt-o plugin in Chrome.

Version 2.4.191
- fixed: Errors when a backup server synchronization occurs at the same time as an automatic backup task.

Version 2.4.190
- new: Option "Secure copy to the clipboard" to disable this function if needed.
- fixed: Integration with Chrome 32.
- fixed: Focus the password input field after automatic log off.
- fixed: Application minimization using Win+Down shortcut.

Version 2.4.189
- fixed: Error while editing a record via the Web interface if a URL field contains some hex encoded characters.

Version 2.4.188
- fixed: Error when invoking Crypt-o using a popup menu in Internet Explorer on Windows 32-bit.

Version 2.4.187
- update: Italian translation by Enrico Francot.

Version 2.4.186
- fixed: Crash of Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1 when Crypt-o integration is enabled.

Version 2.4.185
- fixed: Permissions of nested folders and records have not been properly updated when moving the parent folder.

Version 2.4.184
- new: The Web interface can be accessed via IPv6.
- updated: Specify a serial number for generated self-signed SSL certificates.
- fixed: Minor issues with IPv6 support.

Version 2.4.183
- new: Internet Explorer's Enhanced Protected Mode support on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.
- new: Italian translation by Enrico Francot.
- update: German translation update by Oliver Hirsch.

Version 2.4.181
- new: The "Sort" button in the window for editing predefined values of a field.
- update: French translation update by Julien Despres.
- fixed: The "Access violation" error on start up when expired reminders are shown.

Version 2.4.180
- new: Access databases in offline mode.
- new: Crypt-o Client can be configured to work with multiple independent Crypt-o Servers at the same time.
- updated: Support for browser page zoom when positioning controls for fields bindings.
- fixed: Unable to change the "Delete portable databases on expiration" option since version 2.2.140.
- fixed: Inserts and deletions in root folder of a database are not synchronized from portable version.
- fixed: Synchronization of form filling bindings in portable database.
- fixed: The value of protected fields is changed to ****** when updating form filling data in the database if several records are bound to the same form.

Version 2.3.175
- fixed: Do not treat domains such as and as equal when performing form filling.

Version 2.3.174
- new: Use IPv6 when possible on Windows Vista and later.
- fixed: Error when changing password for the "admin" account in User management.
- fixed: Only the first connect to a backup server is successful. After that the client application tries to connect only to the primary server.
- fixed: The host name of a backup server was truncated to 15 characters.

Version 2.3.172
- fixed: Private databases were not listed in the permissions list for a user in some cases. It caused the "Not enough user permissions" error when trying to modify permissions for the user.

Version 2.3.171
- fixed: Folder selection has not persisted after refresh in some cases.
- fixed: Display of the database access permission in the Effective permissions.

Version 2.3.170
- new: Web interface: A button to copy contents of a protected field to the clipboard.

Version 2.3.168
- update: Support for Windows accounts from trusted domains.
- fixed: Integration with the latest versions of Google Chrome.

Version 2.3.167
- update: Browser integration: Speed-up handling of web forms with many input fields.
- fixed: Error "The parameter is incorrect" in some rare cases when opening a database.

Version 2.3.165
- new: System option 'Take into account "Print and export" permission for portable version'.

Version 2.3.164
- fixed: The "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error when opening record properties in some cases.

Version 2.3.162
- new: Group policy parameters "Exclude sites from form filling" and "Allowed sites for form filling".
- fixed: Form filling in general applications on 64-bit Windows.

Version 2.3.161
- new: Maxthon 3 integration.
- new: Internet Explorer 64-bit integration.
- new: Users can change their passwords using Web interface.
- new: Option to set a specific hot key for a field to copy its value to the clipboard.
- new: Option to hide a field by default.
- new: List inaccessible private databases of other users in a separate category in the user properties window.
- update: Improved export to .rtf.
- update: The Web interface optimized for tablet devices.
- update: Ask for a private key password when assigning an SSL certificate to the Web interface.
- fixed: The "Could not convert variant of type (Null) into type (Double)" error in some cases when editing a record.
- fixed: Allow printing of only one selected record.
- fixed: Crypt-o Server becomes unresponsive in some rare cases.

Version 2.2.143
- fixed: The 'Cannot create file "dbs\temp\blob.tmp". Access is denied' error during creation of portable version in some cases.

Version 2.2.142
- fixed: Importing duplicate field names from Free Password Manager.
- fixed: A text width for checkbox type fields.
- fixed: Layout of the edit record window in case of long field names.

Version 2.2.140
- new: System option "Allow printing in portable version". Turned off by default.
- new: System option "Enable Web access for home databases by default".
- update: Adding multiple AD or LDAP user accounts at once.
- update: Deleting multiple user accounts at once.
- update: French translation.
- fixed: Go to a new folder after its creation in the Web interface.

Version 2.2.137
- fixed: If the first database in a portable version does not contain data changes, other databases have not been synchronized.
- fixed: Properly handle AD user accounts without a user principal name set.

Version 2.2.133
- update: Increased the maximum number of custom fields from 80 to 180.
- fixed: Error during import of user accounts from a Password Manager XP database.

Version 2.2.131
- update: A system administrator can take ownership of an orphaned private database.
- fixed: The "attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index USER_HASH_IDX" error in some cases.

Version 2.2.126
- update: Prevent backup servers to connect to other backup servers.

Version 2.2.125
- fixed: Crypt-o Server running on old versions of Windows.

Version 2.2.124
- new: LDAP authentication.
- new: Option to automatically create a private home database for a user account.
- new: If a file attachment has been modified after its execution, ask about update the file in the database.
- new: Sorting by clicked column in the search results pane.
- new: The "Effective permissions" tab in the Permissions window.
- update: For administrators list inaccessible private databases of other users in a separate category.
- update: Try to fix database integrity errors if possible.
- update: Support for Windows accounts from external domains.

Version 2.1.101
- fixed: The "Unable to get random number from CryptoAPI" error for mandatory/temporary user profiles.

Version 2.1.100
- fixed: Unable to access a database via Web interface after editing permissions for a user.

Version 2.1.99
- fixed: Windows account validation in some cases.

Version 2.1.98
- new: Dutch translation by ICT Teamwork.
- fixed: Windows account validation in some cases.

Version 2.1.96
- fixed: Windows 8 compatibility.

Version 2.1.95
- new: Slovenian translation by Gasper Cas (Geniusnet d.o.o.).

Version 2.1.94
- fixed: The "Access violation" error in the client application when running on old Windows versions.
- fixed: Header drawing in the search results when theming is disabled.

Version 2.1.93
- new: Search function in the Form filling Wizard.
- new: Quick search box in the main window.
- new: Remembering of search history and an option to control it.
- new: Printing and export of Audit logs.
- update: Use proper visual styles for menus.
- fixed: Visual glitches with dark themes.
- fixed: Enable high DPI support.
- fixed: Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 2.0.91
- new: Support for Firefox 10+ and Opera 11.60+.
- fixed: Incorrect checkbox state in the folder move confirmation window.
- fixed: Current folder was not visible in the tree after copy/move operations in some cases.
- fixed: Only a database owner was able to copy/move folders from other database.

Version 2.0.90
- update: Do not apply Group Policy settings to the portable version.

Version 2.0.89
- new: A System administrator can delete private database.
- new: The splitter position is saved in the form filling Wizard.
- fixed: The incremental search in the folders list.

Version 2.0.88
- update: Print a warning when trying to access the Web interface using an IP address or short host name.

Version 2.0.87
- update: Disabled autocompletion and password saving in the Web interface.

Version 2.0.86
- fixed: The "Not enough user permissions to create a new record in this folder" error when saving form's data in some cases.

Version 2.0.85
- fixed: The "Access violation" error during client's start-up in some cases.

Version 2.0.84
- fixed: The "Field 'OPTIONS' must have a value" error during import, when a new database must be created.

Version 2.0.83
- update: Increase the maximum line length to 128K during import from text files.

Version 2.0.82
- fixed: Unable to activate other applications after restoring Crypt-o client from the tray icon in some cases.

Version 2.0.81
- fixed: Critical security regression in versions 2.0.78-2.0.80. AD user was able to log on to Crypt-o using any password in some cases.

Version 2.0.80
- fixed: "Invalid data packet error" during form filling.

Version 2.0.78
- new: Web interface.
- new: Option to create private databases.
- new: It is possible to set up backup servers to improve Crypt-o availability.
- new: Option to lock user accounts after a given number of failed logins.
- new: Move operations for records/folders require user confirmation by default.
- new: Auto-adjustable timeout after failed user login.
- new: Alarmed records are automatically checked every midnight, if the client application is running for a long time.

Version 1.4.70
- new: German translation by BIT IT Service GmbH.
- fixed: Issues with high DPI settings.

Version 1.4.68
- fixed: Changes to protected fields in a portable database were not synchronized to the main database.

Version 1.4.67
- new: French translation by Julien Despres.
- fixed: The "Access violation" error when changing permissions inheritance for a folder.

Version 1.4.64
- fixed: The "attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index USER_HASH_IDX" error when adding/editing user accounts in some cases.
- fixed: It was not possible to turn off the "Use key file authentication" option for a user account.

Version 1.4.63
- fixed: The "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error after user's logon, if a database is not currently available.

Version 1.4.62
- fixed: Random crashes of Crypt-o plugin in Chrome browser.

Version 1.4.60
- new: User authentication using key files.
- new: Option "Automatically load the application on Windows start".
- new: Option "Require strong passwords for Windows user accounts".
- new: The form filling parameters can be configured via Group Policy.
- new: Ability to run an external program and pass field values as command line parameters.
- fixed: Incorrect search of domain groups in some cases.

Version 1.3.56
- improved: Proper import of multiline text from malformed .csv files.
- fixed: Error "Unable to get random number from CryptoAPI." error on some systems.

Version 1.3.53
- fixed: Some problems with Internet Explorer integration.

Version 1.3.52
- new: Spanish translation by Enetic IT Department.

Version 1.3.50
- fixed: Minor issues with browser integration.

Version 1.3.49
- fixed: The ADMX template.

Version 1.3.48
- fixed: More correct handling of the "Disable form filling" restriction.
- fixed: Some minor bugs in the browsers integration.

Version 1.3.47
- fixed: Error "Field 'TIME_CREATED' must have a value" during import from a Password Manager XP database in some cases.
- fixed: Unable to log on as a Windows user, which was imported from a Password Manager XP database.

Version 1.3.45
- fixed: The "Malformed string" error, when creating a portable version in some cases.

Version 1.3.44
- new: Localization support. Russian and Ukrainian translations were added.
- new: Integration with Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Opera.
- new: The form filling function works for 64-bit applications.
- new: Group policy parameter "Log on to Crypt-o as current Windows user only".
- new: Import from Free Password Manager.
- fixed: Minor bugs.

Version 1.2.42
- new: Added many settings to the Group Policy Administrative template.
- new: Added the Group Policy Administrative template in the .admx format.

Version 1.2.41
- fixed: The server crash with the "fb_crypt: Encryption key is empty." error in the server.log in some cases.
- fixed: The client application disabled all UI elements for a user in some cases.

Version 1.2.38
- update: Internal improvements.

Version 1.2.37
- new: Data modifications in portable databases can be allowed.
- new: Synchronization of changes, made in portable database, to the main database.
- new: Portable versions can be configured to expire in a specified number of days.
- new: Field values in the Audit log can be copied to the clipboard using a popup menu.
- update: Increased user/group name length limit from 50 to 100 characters.
- update: Forbid modification of protected fields, when a user have a permission to modify a record, but does not have a permission to view protected fields.
- update: Improved log on speed of Windows users, when Windows groups are used in the program and there are many domains in AD.
- fixed: Minor bugs.

Version 1.1.28
- fixed: The "Param 0 is not set" error during creation of a portable database.

Version 1.1.27
- fixed: The "Unable to load Hook.dll" error in Firefox 3.6.6 or later.

Version 1.1.26
- fixed: The "Log off when the application is minimized" option did not work if the "Minimize application to the system tray" option is enabled.

Version 1.1.25
- fixed: "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error during form filling, in case if record reminders were expired in a database.

Version 1.1.24
- new: The "Maximum attachment size" option in the System options.

Version 1.1.22
- fixed: Buttons and check boxes disappear when pressing the Alt key on Vista and Windows 7.

Version 1.1.21
- updated: More strict check of a user groups membership.
- fixed: Incorrect Windows user/group SID matching in some cases.

Version 1.1.16
- new: A portable version of Crypt-o can be created and used to access databases when offline. Use "Tools > Create portable version" to do that.
- new: The Connections window in the Administrative Tools.
- new: Added the "Logoff" item to the tray icon menu.
- new: Client application command line parameters to do the following: start the client minimized, automatic log on, selection of the specified folder.
- fixed: Error when switching pages in the edit record window of a read only record in some cases.
- fixed: Unable to extract a file attachment if a user does not have permissions to edit a record.
- fixed: Windows authentication failure in case when a user account name is the same as a computer name.
- fixed: Form filling when only the title field is used.
- fixed: Some windows (like the Audit Log) disappear after using the form filling.

Version 1.0.12
- new: User accounts password changes are logged to the Audit Log.
- fixed: Incorrect handling of some Windows domain groups.

Version 1.0.11
- fixed: Not all folders were searched by the search function for non-administrator users.
- fixed: User names were truncated to 20 characters in length during log on.

Version 1.0.9
- fixed: Error during import from a Password Manager XP database, if it contains a user account with name 'admin'.
- fixed: Error 'Field USER_NAME must have a value' during import from a Password Manager XP database in some cases.

Version 1.0.7
- fixed: Error during import from a Password Manager XP database, if it contains user accounts with duplicate names.
- fixed: Error during import from a Password Manager XP database, if it contains a user account with the same name as the currently logged on user name.
- fixed: Unable to create a new non-root folder by a user with non-admin permissions.

Version 1.0.4
- Initial release.